Women Profiles

Siasa Place is profiling young phenomenal Kenyan women, with a goal of escalating the Political Feminism and Gender Equality Agenda. The Media- particularly the traditional one- is not inclusive when profiling women in public spaces. Women are featured well in nurturing roles, but not in “male perceived” roles. This narrative is a dangerous. It delegitimises women and their capabilities.

It is detrimental to young girls and boys consuming such perceptions, as they are not able to see beyond these false labels. Siasa Place is therefore profiling diverse Kenyan women like they should be. This way, when they need to run for office, speak about a public issue, or apply for a position, Kenya will already know who they are, what they have been doing, and what impact they have made.

Additionally, they will have better footing that allows them to alter patriarchal structures that impede their influence in Policy, Politics, Economics, and Society. These extraordinary Kenyan women below are a few of the ones working tirelessly to fight for their rights, and to change what they cannot accept in the spaces they work and live in.

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