I am a writer and feminist activist. I am also a part of women’s collectives, currently with Jikoni, a founding member of #WeAre52pc. I have a background in media and advertising professionally, but I am also a freelance writer focusing on women and feminist issues. I have been writing for more than 10 years.

I am currently working in advertising as a writer. My organization, Jikoni, is a women’s collective. We created the movement #WeAre52pc which calls for women representation in Kenya in accordance with the 2/3rd gender rule. We have organized forums, protests, online teach ins, and even presented a petition with the Chief Justice to dissolve parliament for being unconstitutional for not meeting the 2/3rd gender rule.

I am most passionate about a variety of issues concerning women. I have talked about both physical and sexual violence, representation of women in media and pop culture, online safety for women and girls, feminism and feminist thought and practice amongst many others.

International Women’s Day is a great idea but sometimes the implementation falls short. Because on this day you see people who have been part of the system that prevents women to achieve their full rights, sending messages of support to women. I feel like this day should be a culmination of yearlong work, yearlong support and yearlong participation. Then we can take stock of what we’ve achieved on this day. However, I understand it’s purpose, the need to remind people that women are still not out of danger, that girls are still being “married” off and that there’s still a lot of work to do, despite the achievements and progress.

“I do not negotiate for my humanity”

This quote is one I live by because it represents what it means to be a woman for me. Often women are expected to convince people that they are worthy of their rights that they deserve to be safe and secure and to thrive. We are constantly asked to behave in certain ways so that we can receive what we deserve. I refuse to do this. My rights are inherent and anyone who denies me doesn’t deserve to be convinced. I will not engage with people whose premise is based on seeing me as someone who have to beg them for their rights. You either respect my rights or we will fight. My humanity is constant and inherent. My humanity is not dependent on what other people think of me. My humanity is not a favor that people bestow on me. It is my right. I will not negotiate for it.