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Siasa place is a political hub and co-working space to provide an enabling environment for women and youth main-streaming into our body politics and to help inculcate, ideological and issue based politics in Kenya. There are several affirmative action plans to place more women and youth in our politics however, these platforms will be useless if those sitting in these positions are not knowledgeable of their political domain powers and responsibilities.

It is our humble opinion that proper politics is essential for us (political leaders and voters) to achieve our set goals in the country and continent because politics makes public policy more efficient, effective and makes bureaucracies more responsive and accountable for meaningful socio-economic developments.

Additionally, our programs are based on research and documentation for substantive implementation. Therefore, we see it compulsory to be knowledgeable and informed of political states in Africa and to utilize credited research and information within our systems currently in Kenya and eventually Africa.



Nerima Wako – Executive Director

Scheaffer Okore – Head of Programs

Grayson Marwa – Head Of Communications and strategy

Ken Ogembo- Head Of Outreach

Bernice Auma- Head Of ICT

Patrick Wabwire – Head of Legal

Miriam Obara – Head Of Creative

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Team: Grayson Marwa
Email: Support@siasaplace.com
Website: www.siasaplace.com
Twitter: @SiasaPlace

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